Puppy Training Courses

Perfect-a-pet now offers a one-one puppy training course. This course consists of six 1-hour training sessions, usually one week apart and is aimed at puppies aged between 8 weeks and 6 months. The first few sessions usually take place at your own home (where we can apply training to everyday life) then we progress to training outside (where we can generalise the puppy’s training and prepare him/her for life in the real world).

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During the 6 sessions we will cover the following:

  • House-training
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay, etc)
  • Recall
  • Lead walking
  • Socialisation (meeting other dogs and people confidently and politely)
  • Doggy manners
  • Puppy behaviour (Mouthing, jumping up, etc)
  • Development stages
  • Preventing behaviour problems

You also get a Puppy Pack which includes all the information covered on the course, lots of additional information, a puppy toy and puppy treats.

Being a one-to-one course means we can tailor it to include anything else you might want to train your puppy to do and allows you to ask specific questions which in a conventional group puppy class you would not get the chance to do.