Problem Behaviour

Every dog, every owner and every situation is different and that is why I assess each one individually and together we come up with a training plan to suit you.

There are hundreds of different ideas and theories about dog behaviour but I am there to help you solve your individual problem using only kind, reward-based training methods.

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I will never force a dog to do anything it doesn’t want to do but using my methods the dog will decide to change its behaviour of its own accord, with no need for shouting, dominating or punishment. For nearly all behaviour problems I use a Clicker as a training tool which I have found effective in virtually all situations.

Whatever the problem behaviour we can arrange a consultation, where I visit you and your dog in your own home. This usually lasts about 1.5-2hours but I will stay as long as it takes for you to feel confident with the methods we put into place. Follow up visits are not always needed.

During the consultation you will usually see an improvement in your pet’s behaviour but it is important to note that my methods are not a quick fix solution, there is no such thing in animal behaviour. A problem behaviour is usually deep routed and requires you to re-program the way the animal perceives a situation and its appropriate reaction. Changing a dog’s behaviour takes time, patience, understanding and commitment, but is certainly worth the hard work to see you and your dog happy at the end of it!

We were not sure what to expect and were very nervous on our first meeting with Helen, but her calm, confident manner soon put us and our dog at ease. We saw an instant improvement in his behaviour and Helen gave us the tools to build on this. We now have a much happier dog and consequently we are much happier too.

- Pauline

Sam has been brilliant since our session last week! He’s been really good, no muzzle needed and we are finally enjoying our walks again. Thankyou so much, we really appreciate your expertise.

- Diane