Pet Sitting

I offer a pet sitting service while you are away as a great alternative to kennels or catteries. I can also care for your small or exotic pets or large collections that many boarding establishments cannot cater for.

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Drop-in pet sitting


This is great for dogs who may find kennels stressful but are happy being left at home. The drop-in dog sitting service means I call at your house 2-3times a day to feed, walk and spend time with your dog. I call in first thing in the morning (between 7-9am) and last thing a night (6-8pm) and can call in again at midday if necessary. Each visit is up to 1 hour long. The dog will get its normal food, water will be refreshed and it will have a 20-30 minute walk. A longer walk can be paid for. Any other husbandry necessary such as cleaning, grooming, giving medication, etc is possible.

Cats and Other Pets

I will visit for up to 30minutes to feed, water, clean and spend time with your small pets. I have experience with all commonly kept pets and some more exotic species. Large collections (aviaries, etc) not a problem. If you have any special requirements just ask!

We’ve used Helen for many years now to petsit our cat Jinx, and the service is second to none. Reliability is impeccable and we go away happy in the knowledge that not only will Jinx be fed and have his litter tray sorted, but he’ll also get some company and play time. Once we went away and Jinx was ill, and straight away Helen was on the phone to us and had taken the initiative to take him straight to our vets – something that saved his life. A fantastic service from a professional, friendly and caring woman who we recommend to everyone we know.

- Amy