Obedience Training

I offer one-one general obedience training sessions for you and your dog. We will only use positive reinforcement based training methods to teach your dog all the basic training required for everyday life.

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The advantage of one-one training rather than group training classes is you can tailor the training to your own personal needs and we can ensure your dog listens to you and works for you in real world situations such as at home or out on walks. Dogs trained in a classroom often work well while in the class but do not behave when out and about.

One-to-one training is open to all ages (You CAN teach and old dog new tricks!!), breeds (no breed is “un-trainable”) and temperaments (I like a challenge!!). Give me a call to discuss your requirements.

We cannot believe how well our dog took to the training. Helen taught us how to read our dog’s body language and using clicker training we can communicate with him too. Thankyou, Helen

- James