Hundreds of pets go missing every year in the UK. Whether they escape and stray or get stolen, the likelihood of them being returned to their owner is massively increased if they are microchipped. A microchip is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades and lasts throughout the animals lifetime. If your pet is found and taken to a vets, rescue centre, dog warden or police they will scan it and the chip will be found. The chip is registered on a national database with your details so you will be contacted and reunited with your friend!

I am qualified and insured to microchip dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Surprisingly rabbits and ferrets stray regularly as they are so good at escaping. As these pets do not ordinarily wear collars and tags, there is no other way to identify them. On pets that can wear tags, these are easily lost or removed so the microchip is the only form of permanent identification. I offer microchipping in your home or at a convenient meeting place which avoids the need for a stressful trip to the vets. And I’m cheaper than the vets too!!!

I can offer discounts for multiple pets so why not get a group of friends together.

For more information or to book your pet for microchipping just give me a call.