Doggy Day Trips

Now you can send your dog for a fun-filled day at the beach!

If you lead a hectic life, cant get out and about with your dog, or just want to give your dog a fantastic treat (or maybe you need a dog-free day!) then why not send him on a doggy day trip!

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Your dog will be picked up from your home in the morning and returned, clean and dry again late afternoon, having had a wonderful day of doggy fun and frolics at the beach. Your dog can run, dig, play, splash in the sea, play with other dogs and of course there will be a ready supply of toys and treats available. When your dog gets home from his day in doggy paradise he will probably just want to curl up in bed. Places on these trips are strictly limited and all of must be sociable with other dogs and people. If you are not an existing customer but would like to book your dog on a day trip I simply need to meet you and your dog beforehand to ensure your dog is suitable for such a trip.

Just to let you know, the boys have not stirred at all since you dropped them home! They have obviously had a fantastic day at the beach with their doggy friends. Thank-you so much. They love you!

- Sarah